Why Read This?

How are you doing today? Strange way to start explaining why you should be reading my blog if you didn’t know that greeting receives 42% more positive feedback than any other. That’s the power of data and analytics. It can help start a blog better and start a business better. It can paint a picture of customers, employees and investors that make a business more profitable.

How that gets done is what I’m passionate about. Data enabling better decision making is something I’ve spent the last decade working on. I started my journey making software quality decisions better, then software development decisions, then product strategy decisions, then business strategy decisions.

Now I run a data strategy and data science consulting business called V-Squared. I’ve worked with some companies you may have heard of like Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Samsung and the Ritz-Carlton as well as a lot of companies that aren’t as well known. My business helps companies use data, big and small, to make big decisions better and automate the little ones so they have more time to focus on building value.

If your business is working to gain insights from its data, you will probably find what I write about interesting and useful. And I will probably find your comments interesting and useful so please share your thoughts and experiences with me and other readers. If you’re interested in learning more reach out to me at vin@vxvconsulting.com.